Recognition Process

The ICAISA recognition process ensures that ICAISA members are accountable to one another within a cycle that is similar to the independent school accreditation model. The recognition process is akin to “accrediting the accreditors.”

As part of the ICAISA recognition process, each member association hosts a visit from a peer review team, receives written recommendations from the review team, and engages in follow-up activities designed to improve the state, regional, or international accreditation process.

In year five of the 10-year review cycle, associations prepare an Interim Report and host a virtual visit with members of the Review Team meeting with various constituencies. The Interim Review process is intended to confirm the association’s continued compliance with the ICAISA Criteria for Effective Independent School Accreditation Practices. The process also provides the Association with an opportunity to comment on its progress on all recommendations from the prior Report, as well as outline the forward directions for the Association.

As with school accreditation, the ICAISA recognition process serves two purposes: institutional improvement and quality assurance.

Learn more about the 10-year recognition process here.

Recognition Process
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